Field Operations

Field Operations

We take pride in our commitment to maintaining exceptional field operations. The investment in our people, our equipment and our maintenance facility confirms this commitment. While on your job, not only does Goodfellow Top Grade keep your ultimate project goals paramount; we do so while maximizing production and minimizing disruption to the surrounding public. Our work will speak for itself, and, in the end, will always live up to the Goodfellow Top Grade name.


Our People

Goodfellow Top Grade understands that a company is only as good as the people that service its customers, and we continue to attract and retain the premier talent required to remain the top California-based general engineering contractor. From our estimators and project engineers, to our equipment operators, foremen and laborers, Goodfellow Top Grade's personnel are committed to your project's success. 


Our Equipment

Whether it is our motor graders, scrapers, paving equipment or trucks, you can be assured that the proper equipment will be available for your construction project. Our shop mechanics and managers, some of the most dedicated people in the business, keep our equipment looking sharp and operating at maximum efficiency at all times.